How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help You?

Divorce lawyers are specialized attorneys who help clients in a variety of family law issues. A skilled attorney can help you reach a favorable settlement in a divorce case. They have knowledge of the family court system, including the appeals division rules, and can assist you with child custody and support. Additionally, they are knowledgeable of the divorce laws and can help you prepare for trial if necessary.

Divorce cases can go on for a long time, and it is important to have a good Divorce Lawyer on your side. Many attorneys also advise their clients on pendente lite rights, which can secure temporary relief while your divorce case is pending. This type of relief can be obtained through motions or stipulations between the attorneys. While equitable distribution is never accomplished temporarily, some issues, such as child support, visitation, and child custody, can be resolved on a temporary basis until a trial or a settlement is reached.

The process of getting a divorce is not easy. In most cases, the couple must agree on all issues and terms before the court can grant a divorce. Otherwise, a contested divorce is likely to lead to multiple court appearances. In such cases, it is best to try to settle things through mediation or negotiation instead of going through a courtroom battle. This can help you resolve your case quicker and more affordable.

California has specific family law laws when it comes to divorce. For example, in Orange County, the spouse must be a resident of the county in which the divorce is filed, or in California for six months. If the divorce is uncontested, the process can be completed much faster than in a contested one.

Equitable distribution is another important issue in a divorce. The court will consider factors such as how long the marriage lasted, whether there were children, and the financial arrangements for the children. It will also take into account the age and earning ability of the parties. The court may also consider the needs and health of the parties.

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